Yukari Yakumo Plays "The Hand Of Fate" - Part #14: Are You Ready For Yeti?

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"I've never been romanced by a yeti, but I've been taken out for tea by a dullahan. A nice man, but not much for conversation. Zanthia's getting tired of her predicament, so let's continue working our way towards the Wheels of Fate. Time's running out for both Kyrandia and myself.

"Special thanks to JetZero, who drew the intro/outro card for this playthrough (and did a fantastic job on it, if I say so myself). You can find her DeviantArt page here:

"The World of Longplays channel, from which the snapshot included in said card was taken, can be found here:

"And Curtis's Twitter account, if by some illogical reasoning you might want to follow him, can be found here:

" maybe you're missing-- ...wait, you should know that even if I don't tell you."
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