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Use the time effectively, with the juice lord himself.
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xQcOW? xQc (Felix Lengyel) is the gaming golem on the platform. The OW is short to Overwatch. He amasses a following of + on his twitch profile, and his viewership and interactions/impressions reach upto thousands, even millions across all of his social platforms. All his social links can be found in the links section to view xQc's profiles. xQc is the MEGALUL warlock we all know, my favorite label is EL GOBLINO, but other nicknames may be , The Fart of Twitch, X, xQ Cow, PVC, QVC, HDTV, LMG, PVP also refers to himself as the gaming golem, warlord of the gaming scene. His early mark on Twitch was due to his popularity on Overwatch, he is a top500 tank main, but he also competed in the Overwatch League for Dallas Fuel and in the Overwatch World Cup with Canada. These days, xQc finds his rhythm by entertaining through variety of games, including Minecraft, Overwatch, Chess, Fortnite, Valorant, CSGO, Simulators, Horror Games just to name a few!
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