Who Is Marvel's U.S. Agent? We Explain

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While Agent is a significant player in the comic book universe, he's not a household name among mainstream Marvel fans. And that's why we're going to run down some of his weirdest and wildest stories. Here's the untold truth of Marvel's Agent.

In Captain America number 323, readers are introduced to Super-Patriot, the original superheroic identity of Agent. As Super-Patriot, John Walker seems like the exact opposite of the Captain America that readers know. While Cap was often thoughtful and aware of the responsibility of his uniform, Super-Patriot ignores an old lady being mugged because the crime isn't glitzy enough for him to bother to stop it. He's first introduced trash-talking Cap and urging the American people to focus their patriotic energy on him.

As you might expect, Cap's not thrilled about the upstart new hero, but he's willing to let Super-Patriot express his first amendment rights ... until he finds out that Super-Patriot and his cronies are manufacturing events to make themselves look better. After Super-Patriot and his Buckies, short for "Bold Urban Commandos," cause enough trouble for Cap, Steve Rogers and John Walker finally face off.

Somewhat surprisingly, Walker's not all bluster. He's got super strength and enough fight training that he actually battles Cap to a draw. The fight only ends when Bruce Springsteen shows up, causing Walker to choose listening to the Boss rather than beating up on Captain America. As the old saying goes, if you want to be the man, you gotta beat the man.

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John Walker, a Super Patriot | 0:00
The new Captain America | 1:34
Double the Captain | 2:52
The birth of the US Agent | 4:06
US Agent fights the Scourge | 5:38
Force Works | 7:16
Leader of the Jury | 8:20
Head of STARS | 9:13
Omega Flight | 10:20
Retirement and Warden Walker | 11:18
Fighting Captain America again | 12:31

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