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"Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled." - Neville Goddard. This script is based on the way the subconscious mind works. The subconscious is kind of like a child, and takes in information differently than the conscious mind. Most importantly, concepts need to be presented from the viewpoint of the fulfilled end-state. Also important are repetition and rephrasing the same concepts; ending sentences with positive words (whenever possible); avoiding words that could hold negative connotations, even if presented in a positive way ( 'I have an expensive house' implies expensiveness); and even avoiding phrases like 'no limit' to avoid negative words. Much of the language is aimed at creating imagery which will evoke a feeling, while remaining simple. I hope this is effective for you.

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My life is absolutely perfect.
I have everything, I have it all.
Everything is taken care of.
I am wealthy.
I'm flush with money.
I'm always flush with cash. I'm set for life.
I have an ocean of wealth.
I have oceanic amounts of money in the bank.

I feel my wealth. I feel wealthy.
I have so much.
I can buy anything and everything. I have so much wealth.
My wealth is infinite and always increasing.

I own a huge mansion.
I am now in my enormous mansion.
I can feel my spacious mansion,
with high ceilings, and cavernous corridors.
I can feel the size of my mansion.
My mansion is spacious, light, and airy.
I can feel the rich detailing and high-quality of everything around me.
Everything feels valuable. Everything I see exudes high value.
I love my mansion. I own vast estates. I own land and property.
I have many properties. I own several houses.
I have numerous valuable assets to my name.
I am exceedingly abundant.

I have a luxurious new car. I have a top-of-the-line car.
I can feel my new car out in my garage.
I bought my new car with cash. I have infinite cash.
I can smell the new-car smell of my luxurious car.
I can feel the expensive leather of my new car.
I am tremendously rich.

I'm a young millionaire.
I'm already a millionaire.
I am financially rich right now.
I'm more than well-off, I'm actually rich.
I now have a net-worth of more than 50 million dollars.
I have more than 50 million dollars in the bank.
I make millions more per year just from investments.
I am a high net-worth individual.
I am set for life. Everything is taken care of.

I have a team of investors managing my wealth.
I'm the beneficiary of a team of investment geniuses on my payroll.
I'm so profitable. I am always profitable.
I am supremely profitable.

I am my own company. I'm big-time. It's corporation me.
I have drivers, pilots, and a personal chef on my payroll.
I love flying private. I love being so free.

I have copious amounts of money. I have infinite financial freedom.
I love having millions of dollars in every one of my bank accounts.
I love that warm blanket of financial wealth.
I love having that nice cushion of millions dollars in every one of my bank accounts.

I love checking my broker accounts and seeing millions of dollars in my balance.
I'm my own bank, I have so much money.
My bank balances are ten digits long.
Millions upon millions of dollars are mine.

I have so much extra money.
I have so much surplus money.
I have millions just for play.
I have millions and millions to lavish in.
I shower my loved ones with opulence.
I have such an overabundance of money, I'm always giving money away.
I love being generous. I love being superabundant.
I love having surplus money.
It's so good having lots of extra money.
I have piles of money building up.

I am so successful.
I feel happy because I've already made it.
I feel satisfied because I'm set for life.
I'm king of the mountain. I'm already made.
I'm a young millionaire.
I'm young but I'm already so successful.
I'm already made.

Every day my wealth is increasing.
Every day I'm richer.
Every day I'm richer than the day before.
No matter how much I spend, I'm always increasing in money.
I'm making so much money that it's just building up more and more.
I have copious amounts of money. I have endless financial freedom.
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