Twitch Versus Just Changed Esports Forever

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A new product for esports just came out from Twitch called "Versus by Twitch." Located at - this new Twitch product allows any content creator and Twitch streamer to start up an esports tournament of their own. Esports tournaments are available to be run by the entire streamer community of Twitch.

In this video I want to cover some of the massive implications for esports that Twitch Versus has. It's one of the greatest ways for new esports talent to be discovered and new streamers to grow on Twitch. Esports hasn't had a great way for new players to be found in games like League of Legends, Overwatch, and Call of Duty. With the arrival of community run tournaments, Twitch Versus will allow more people to become professional gamers.

This great change has a major impact on every esport but especially effects professional gamers looking to grow in esports competitively in small to medium sized scenes like Smash Ultimate and FGC.

Looking forward to seeing what Twitch does with the product. Also looking forward to all of the esports tournaments. Lots of content creators will bring new people into Twitch via the new esports tournament program.

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