Tri-planar Arch Development for the everyday athlete - Power Athlete Academy

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Injuries like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, fallen arches, bunions, turf toe and achilles tendonitis will slow your life and limit your training.

The Power Athlete Foot Course is designed to help you strengthen and reclaim your foot function and prepare you for a life free of foot pain.

Over the course of a decade of experience working with athletes of all disciplines, we have noticed one common denominator that determines the health and performance of the human body - the feet! Our connection with the ground is the most valuable, and often neglected, aspect of athleticism and the human experience

Transforming the way your foot functions is the most efficient and effective way of eliminating pain, correcting compensations, and empowering performance on the field, court, or pitch.

The Foot Course has been designed for anyone wanting to improve the overall strength and function of their feet. We look at all the common foot problems affecting our population today and why this has become such a problem in many people’s lives. Dr. Matt Zanis will guide you through the anatomy of the foot to understand the problems you are facing. From there he will lead you through the movements and exercises he has used with his top tier athletes to improve and restore the overall function of the foot and address any specific foot problems as it relates to shoes and foot health.
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