Torneo de Leyendas FINAL 8 | Lucha AAA esports: THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UM

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Las LEYENDAS de GRANBLUE FANTASY VERSUS chocan en el ring virtual de Lucha AAA esports y LUCHA LIBRE AAA WORLDWIDE

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About Lucha Libre AAA
The official channel of the best wrestling in the world: Lucha Libre AAA worldwide

On May 15 1992 in Veracruz the story that would become the leader in Mexican wrestling began.
AAA emerged seeking to present wrestling from a modern, innovative and sensational platform as never been done before, destroying paradigms and challenging taboos.
Immediately Lucha Libre AAA worldwide, was placed on top of the industry because of its revolutionary proposal, which revitalized the sport show providing light, color and fighting styles never seen before .
Soon, AAA had conquered Mexico, United States and Japan breaking audience records in
each of these countries, through the most popular events like Triplemanía‚ ‘When Worlds Collide‘ and ‚King of Kings‘, among many others.
Throughout the years, AAA Worldwide has broken schemes and made a name for Mexican wrestling, paying permanent homage to the genius that created it and to which we owe countless innovations to this sport; and today it is considered as the strongest wrestling proposal in Mexico, permanently creating new franchises and strategic alliances.

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