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Top 8 Amazing Apps For Android - September 2020

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Fyuse - 3D Photos

In general, for many of us, taking a photo is one of our favorite things to do. This application is used to Download this application as you saw in the video and then using this application will make your photo look amazing if you change small jobs very easily. Click below to download this application.

Nu Display Always on Display

When we unlock and unlock our Android mobile several times a day, we do not know how much we use our mobile but if it is known that we are using it, we will definitely avoid using our mobile too much.

For this, we can use an application to remember how many times we did it. Below is the link to download this application What is special about this application is that we can see through this application how many times your unlock has happened while locking this application is a very attractive application.

Big File Locator

How many applications and videos and photos we have on our Android mobile will go unnoticed by us at some point. A very large number of videos. Detecting and deleting it is a bit of an impossible task.

We can use this application to find out as much as you can in the video through the application, which means that you can easily detect the biggest benefits of your mobile phone with this application.

XEFX Pro D3D Camera & Photo Animator & Wallpaper

Although there are many types of applications used here for how we can convert the photo we take into 3d format, this one application gives us the most beautiful and awesome photo that we can take in a three-dimensional look.

Many of us are amazed at how the photo was taken. First, select your photo then select the photo as seen in the video and take that photo as quality than with this application you can convert the photo to 3D three dimensional Download this application is given below to download.

All Tools

We are using a wide variety of applications on our Android mobile every day for a variety of jobs, so what if we use a single application that thinks differently than we use a wide variety of applications for a variety of actions?

We can do the actions using the same application you can see in the video. You can download the application by clicking on the link given below to download this application.

Colartive - 4K Wallpaper Generator

Adding beauty to our mobile is wallpaper. We have a variety of applications on the internet to download such wallpaper and we can download it from Google. How many days will we keep downloading the wallpaper for ourselves?

This is the application we will see in this post You can create the wallpaper yourself create it uniquely and apply it to your mobile You can see in the video how to use this wallpaper and you can use this application and download the application by clicking on the link given below to download this application.

Parental Control - Screen Time & Location Tracker

This application is used as we can fully control someone's mobile with our mobile and take care of some information that may be on that mobile. Mainly we can block some applications that may be on that mobile through our mobile.

We can take care of everything in our language so that your children can control everything like your office mobile with our mobile wherever we are and where that mobile user is currently going 10 days ago We can take care of our mobile status for this too This application is very useful Download this application You can download this application by clicking on the link given below.

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