The UNSETTLING Fate of UMBARA After the Clone Wars and Order 66

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What happened to Umbara After the Clone Wars will truly shock you.

During the Battle of Umbara, we got to see a tragic and disturbing side to the Clone Wars, with the sacrifices of the 501st and the dark betrayal of fallen Jedi Pong Krell. But what happened to the shadowy planet of Umbara after the battle and the end of the Clone Wars?
I’m going to break down exactly what happened on Umbara after the Clone Wars and Order 66, including the tragic story of how one man destroyed the lives of the Umbaran people.

After the Republic’s decisive Victory over the separatist alliance at the Battle of Umbara, thanks to actions of Captain Rex and the other Clones, the planet was placed firmly under Republic control and under permanent protection from further threats. Umbara remained a member of the Republic right until it eventually fell after the events of Order 66. Once the Republic had fallen and the Empire was created by Darth Sidious, Umbara became an independent system, free from the tight grip of imperial control… At least for now.

Shortly after becoming an independent system, Umbara became a major exporter of the ultra rare material known as doonium. Doonimum was one of hardest known substances in the galaxy, making it the perfect material for use in the construction of a super laser reactor. Of course, that super laser soon became known as the DS-1 orbital battle station, or the death star. The citizens of Umbara had absolutely no idea that the mines on their independent home planet were being used to funnel resources to the Empire’s death star project, but the people selling the doonium didn’t know this disturbing fact either. The salesmen of this tough substance simply believed that the Empire was using the ultra-tough material for the construction of their ever-growing star destroyer fleet.

After many years of freedom and independence from the cruel reign of the Empire on Umbara, things were about to change when one young human rebel named Nevil Cygni became absolutely disgusted with the horrific treatment of people throughout the galaxy. Cygni decided that he was going to begin his own small scale rebellion against the Empire, while obtaining the funding for the project through stealing the doonium and iridium from the mines of Umbara, stripping the planet down to bare rocks and pebbles, potentially destroying the ecosystem of the dark planet completely. Let me know in the comments down below if you think it was wrong for this one man to completely destroy another species planet in order to fight the Empire. It’s a tough one because he is ultimately fighting for their freedom too, but he is destroying their lives and homes in the process, so let me know how you feel about his actions.
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