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⸝⸝ ????elcome to
jj’s universe

b e n e f It s;
.be the ultimate master and expert in all things LOA, universe, manifestation, subliminal related things
.entire mindset revamp and healing (kind of like new life affirmations for overall start-over and new beginnings mindset w/out shifting or anything dw)
.see the best and positive side to life, truly happy, optimistic and abundant mindset and perspective
.be a magnet for instant and the best results towards anything that you desire (regarding manifesting or attracting)
.full belief & alignment in urself and ur desires
.be constantly grounded, protected and safe by the universe, angels, guides etc
.visualisation, scripting, LOA method master (master all techniques and methods)
.completely free from limiting belief’s.
.see truthful angel numbers, signs, patterns etc
.have the ability to manifest absolutely all of your desired results in the shortest and/or your ideal time measurement
.really feel and connect with your dreams, goals, wants, desires, manifestations, results
.constant positive, beautiful, beneficial scenarios and overall life
.only receive your ideal and the most positive results when you manifest your desires
.protection from unwanted, unsafe affirmations (if a sub happens to have them they WILL NOT enter your brain i promise)
.perfect and true intuition

⌗ hey how are you? i love u.


+ only safe, eternal, everlasting results
+ I do not take requests. NO REQUESTS
+ DHNE formula; instant, evident results in 1 listen, high vibrations, self-love, detachment, ideal results, intelligence, omnilingualism, mental and physical health improvement
+ you will get results as fast as you believe
+ Instagram;
+ sub guide;
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