The hole | Undertale flipaclip animation | Ft Flowey and Chara

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Another undertale animation!! eyyy
My summer holidays are very soon over and there will most likely be less uploads Thanks for those who have been patient and will continue being patient for my next uploads! It means alot to me.
Thanks also to all the birthday wishes and fanarts!! I appreciate all the support!!

If your gonna repost this please credit, thanks :,)
Ive been noticing people using my other Chara animation without giving any kind of credits and I dont think thats ok. Thanks for understanding.

By crediting, atleast write my name and maybe a link too if you would be so kind.
Thanks !!

Characters: Undertale
- Flowey
- Chara

The colors on the mug/cup are suppose to be refrences to different fandoms. Interesting if youd get them really xd

Animation program:
- 16fps
- somewhere around 800 frames

Original meme: TomSka - The hole


 Audio: Revtrosity - Saying A LOT of Things as Flowey
5:43 -
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