The Best Things Coming To Netflix In September 2020

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Netflix is set to unleash a wave of exciting new content throughout the month of September. Stuck on what to stream? Here are the best movies and TV shows to watch on Netflix in September 2020, plus everything to see before it's gone for good.

In September 2020, Netflix subscribers can go back to the Back to the Future film franchise. The streamer introduced the full trilogy to its digital shelves in May 2020, then removed them in July 2020. But just a couple of months later, Marty McFly and Doc Brown will return to Netflix in their complete trilogy glory. Anyone who missed out over the summer can stream all three movies beginning on September 1.

The sci-fi action fun doesn't end there, though. Also headed to Netflix next month is Freaks, You're One of Us, the action-packed, German-language superhero film that follows working mom Wendy as she learns she possesses powers of invulnerability and super-strength, which were previously suppressed by medication. Wendy teams up with two other powered people to seek out others just like them. But their search soon grows complicated as they end up uncovering a conspiracy bigger than they ever thought could exist. Freaks, You're One of Us hits Netflix on September 2.

Later in the month, catch the 2011 sci-fi sports movie Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman as a former boxer whose life changes in major ways after robots come to replace human combatants in the sport.

Struggling to make end's meet by building robots out of scrap metal, Charlie reunites with his estranged son Max, and together, they exact a plan that will put their names on the map: create a bot that can become a champion. Real Steel will drop on Netflix on September 24.

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