SWEET_ANITA's Top Twitch Clips Compilation #74!

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Enjoy Sweet_Anita's top Twitch clips between Jan 25, 2021 and Feb 01, 2021

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Special thanks to the viewers that created these clips. You can find these details below:

- 0:00 clipped by kawaiispanker:
- 0:36 clipped by Celascion:
- 0:50 clipped by Deathwalker01100:
- 1:25 clipped by Southruler:
- 1:53 clipped by Misstake44:
- 2:10 clipped by N4rral:
- 2:46 clipped by LHZOZ:
- 3:23 clipped by TheJimDodger:
- 4:17 clipped by marachitwitch:
- 4:33 clipped by 11_hydro:
- 5:03 clipped by 4rthvrr:
- 5:38 clipped by rogueXghost:
- 5:59 clipped by OPDaily:
- 6:08 clipped by Maahzt:

Copyright: I do not own any of the material in this video has been uploaded for promotional/preview purposes only! If you are the streamer and would like this video removed, please message me on YouTube and I'll have it removed immediately.
Please do not copyright strike, simply contact me and I'll have the video deleted.
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