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Stranded Deep on PC LIVE but this time ON STRANDED DEEP, I will be asking chat what we do in certain situations. some decisions are obvious, but at key moments chat decides sound fun? then let's go!
Here are the details and links to both player created islands

Operation Dark Harvest - By Robertmonkey

A tropical playground - by robertmonkey

Sunset dweller cave - by Herja Eldgrim


LIVE Stream
Friday 6pm EST
Saturday 12 NOON EST
Sunday 12 NOON EST
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---------(***F. A. Q's***)---------

Q: You should play (Game Name)
A: Join the discord and let me know in the general chat! I'll take a look and consider it.

Q: Can I get a shout out?
A: Sure! Subscribe or support via Super Chat or Sponsor so your name pops up!

Q: Why didn't my name pop up?
A: Set your subscriptions to "Public"

Q: Stranded deep is boring and dead! Why are you still playing it?
A: I like it, and there are plenty of people on this channel that still do.

Q: Do you know (YouTuber Name)?
OR: You should play with (YouTuber Name)!
A: I work a full time job and put well over 40 hours into the channel. A co-op would take a lot of scheduling for both myself and the other (YouTuber name)

Q: Why is there a 5 minute wait at the start of the stream?
A: YouTube is broken. Notifications don't always go out or they are late. It gives people time to join.
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