Speedpaint of my friend, haechanic!

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First speedpaint! I drew the image first on paper then outlined and colored digitally since I'm still working on digital art and its not that good rn. I tried, im still working on outfits, poses, facial stuff and shading soo yeah :P. Next video will hopefully be posted at the end of the month :)

I used a reference for the pose cuz I'm bad at coming up with poses

Please do not use any of my videos without permission. Only proper use of my videos are allowed. No gacha reactions or anything like that are allowed to use my videos.

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Track: KAMPAI! & MYLK - Bubble Tea (feat. MYLK)
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
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Music promoted by Just No Copyright ツ

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Name(s) of Song(s): Bubble Tea

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Made/Thumbnail by: Smol Biscuit

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