Silent War "Official Trailer" #War #Peace #PTSD #Hero #Army

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…In 2010, Specialist Amanda Smith’s platoon was ambushed. Shot, badly wounded, with no weapon and ammunition, she faces the enemy with the only weapon she has; The American Flag. "The World Will Never Change Without Compromise and Compassion"

Directed by Lance Kawas
Written by Lance Kawas and Danetta Barney
Executive Produced by Danetta Barney & Lance Kawas
Co-Produced by Bobby Laenen Dylan Sides,
Christina Tomlinson & Istvan Lettang
Director of Photography Istvan Lettang - Camera and Lighting production by Eclipp Inc
SFX Makeup & Scar Design Dylan Sides
Costumer Christina Tomlinson
Music Pierre Vaucher
Vocals Amy Siegrist
Sound Matt Sisco
Make Up Lisa Beth North

Stars: Melanie Mahanna, Tequilla Whitfield
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