Sex and the City - How Charlotte Was Wrong About Everything

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The Take is now on Snapchat. This month in celebration of Halloween, we'll be releasing two episodes a week! Scan our snapcode or search The Take on Snapchat to subscribe to our show and never miss an episode! | Sex and the City’s Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) is a hopeless, old-fashioned romantic. She unabashedly dreams of getting married, having children, and living out a classic ideal of romantic love. This beacon of optimism acts as a stand-in for viewers who can identify with her conventional desire for a perfect-looking fairy tale. But if we look closer, much of the series is devoted to disproving the various “love myths” that Charlotte believes in. Here’s our Take on how, by showing how Charlotte is wrong about everything to do with love—but still right to believe in it —Sex and the City guides us to a deeper understanding of what romance is really all about.

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