Sense of Fear - Black Hole [Reaction/Review]

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Lyrics: Black Hole

"And I heard a great voice
Out of the temple saying to the seven angels,
'Go your ways, and pour out the vials
Of the wrath of God uon the earth.' "

Were you ever in a place
So dark that deep,
Where you knew no turning back
The world as we know it
Came to an end
Things not there for you to amend

When love and life corrupted
All pain and death erupted
The world of God was silenced
All faith and feelings shattered
Thrown in a black hole

And you won't believe even your eyes
That indeed, chaos hides in disguise
The apocalypse came, but not in flames
Nothingness mangled all of the names

Outro (revelation 16 [1 v.] )

"And the fifth angel poured out his vial
Upon the seat of the beast; and his
Kingdom was full of darkness; and they
Gnawed their tongues for pain."
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