Реакция на упоротые фан-арты Человека-паука [18+]

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Перевод и озвучка Silence place

Перевел: Илья Турбин
Озвучил: Silent
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Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own this video nor the image featured in the video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended.
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I. The footage and images featured in this video are used for critical review and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.

II. Criticism of the artistic works in the video is intended to be for satirical purposes. This video is meant to entertain, not to bully. If you are a fan artist and your work was featured in this video, leave me a comment or message me, and I’ll be sure to credit your work in the description. Also feel free to share your fan art creations in the comments, if you so desire.
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