Rachael Tells Funny Story About Her & John's Wedding Night

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In honor of our date night episode, Rachael tells what she calls her funniest story about her life with John — and it goes back to their wedding night nearly 15 years ago.

"My funniest story about my life with John [is when] my two friends, Emily and Jessie, gave me this beautiful, nude-ish colored, super expensive Cosabella nightgown to wear on my wedding night," Rach recalls. "I come out of the bathroom in the Cosabella and John cracks up. Literally bursts out laughing, and says, 'Who are you? Go put on your PJs and your slippers!'"

BUT he meant well!

"You looked so uncomfortable," John says. "I was like, 'Oh, just get comfortable! It's all coming off anyway!'"
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