Prince Harry Criticizes U.S. Freedom of Speech

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Prince Harry’s comments about the First Amendment has him trending. Plus Henry Cavill puts an end to speculation about his love life and watch Scarlett Johansson get slimed by her husband.

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0:00 - 2:38 Billy Porter in 'Cinderella'
2:39 - 10:41 Prince Harry Calls First Amendment 'Bonkers'
10:42 - 16:16 Henry Cavill Debuts Girlfriend To Stop Speculation
16:17 - 20:17 J. Cole's Professional Basketball Debut
20:18 - 23:57 Scarlett Johansson Gets Slimed By Colin Jost
23:58 - 27:19 Anthony Mackie's Emotional 'Hero' Speech
27:20 - 29:26 Janet Jackson's Surprise Auction Appearance
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