Prime Empire Moments: New Heroes And Challenges – LEGO® NINJAGO®

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The ninja face all new levels of threats in the three game worlds of Prime Empire! From Terra Karana, a beautiful, ancient realm, to Terra Technica, a futuristic world of speed racing, and finally Terra Domina, home of the terrifying Temple of Madness where the evil Unagami rules. Traps, pitfalls, vicious villains, epic dragons and helpful heroes await those who enter the game… Who can they trust? Super racing drivers Racer Seven, the Whack Rats, and Scott? Game programmer Milton Dyer? And watch out for Okino the Samurai, Sushimi, the mad sushi chef! Get a sneak peek at all the epic new ninja adventures. Follow Jay, Kai, Cole, Nya, Lloyd and Zane this season on the NINJAGO® TV series and find more LEGO® NINJAGO® fun in LEGO Life. Ask your parents before you download the app.

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