Pathetic! He lost his leg a day after his wedding

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Oriyomi Hamzat Donates 700k to Man Whose Leg Was Crushed by Truck a Days After Wedding in Lagos
The charitable train of Oriyomi Hamzat yesterday perched at Ijede Area of Ikorodu in Lagos State where the hopes of a man identified as Mr. Stephen was restored after losing one of his legs to a ghastly auto accident.
Stephen who was engaged in the accident which occurred on the 2nd of December, 2019 was married a day earlier on the 1st of December, 2019.
He had received money from a client he was working with and had stepped out a day after his wedding to set out to do the client’s work when the terrible accident occurred. He was ran off by a truck which is left leg badly fractured.
Stephen had to undergo amputation and had since been on crutches. He hence needed a sum of #650,000 to acquire an improvised leg which has been difficult for him to pull together until he stumbled on Oriyomi Hamzat page on Facebook and decided to reach out.
Oriyomi Hamzat and team hence left Ibadan for Ijede in Ikorodu to see Stephen and salvage his situation. Hamzat on behalf of his donors home and abroad donated a sum of #700,000 to Stephen with #650,000 for the acquisition of the improvised leg and another #50,000 for his personal upkeep.
A surprised Stephen was full of praises and prayers for Oriyomi Hamzat, his team, donors and fans from all over the world.
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