osu! Should you Hover or Drag? (or both..?) || Tablet Beginners Part 3: Choosing to Hover or Drag

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► Introduction ◄

Hover or Drag is one of the most common questions that I get asked, so here's a video that displays enough information for you to decide whether to hover or drag! Or you can utilise the best of both worlds and do both! At the end of the day, you should balance out the factors that are important to you - osu is preference and even though I describe advantages and disadvantages, it's really down to your comfortability and that's what matters the most.

► Timestamps ◄

00:00 Introduction
01:41 Dragging Advantage: Friction = consistency and snappy aim
03:35 Dragging Advantage: Accurate Cursor Representation
04:18 Dragging Disadvantage: Scatching tablet surface
04:59 Dragging Disadvantage: Maybe harder to travel large distances
05:36 Top players who Drag
06:21 Hovering Advantage: Freedom of Movement (example badeu)
06:57 Hovering Disadvantage: Shaky, possibly inconsistent aim
07:14 Top players who Hover (WhiteCat)
07:32 Hovering Disadvantage: Cursive aim if not trained properly
08:40 Hovering Advantage: No scratching tablet surface
08:50 Hovering Disadvantage: Need to know hovering height
09:21 BOTH Hover and Drag! (example RyuK)
11:09 Conclusion

► Video-related Information ◄
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► Gameplay Information ◄

osu! profile: (add me if you want to ask any questions I'll be glad to help!)
current skin: (edited by me with fieryrage hit objects)

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