OMG! NO CHAIR TURNS for Cree's beautiful Blind Audition in The Voice Kids!? ????

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The 14 year old Cree sang a beautiful John Lennon song for his Blind Audition in The Voice Kids UK (2020). Sadly no coaches turned for him, but he received a lot of compliments by them. What do you think of Cree's voice? ????

???? Song info:
Cree performed 'Real Love' by John Lennon / The Beatles

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In #TheVoiceStage we highlight the best, funniest, most adorable and most inspiring stories of kids who audition for The Voice Kids. Enjoy!

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#TheVoice #TheVoiceKids #Cree #TheVoiceKidsUK #JohnLennon #BlindAudition #TheBeatles
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