Mystery lies underwater||The great blue hole!!

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0:59 The Formation
1:44 The Exploration
2:06 The 2018 Expedition and its geology
3:22 Conclusion

This is a giant marine sinkhole situated near the coast of Belize City in North America. 70 km from the mainland, this huge hole is 300 meters wide and 124 meters deep – a part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System.

The place was an island once. During the last ice age almost 14000 years ago, the sea level was much lower. At the bottom of the sink, limestone rocks were found. So it’s estimated that the limestone rocks under the surface of the former island began to dissolve in rain and groundwater making hollow places and cave systems under the system.

In 2018 Aquatica submarines did an expedition inside the blue hole to make a 3D map of the sinkhole. Up to the depth 90 meters, normal life was there like sharks, fishes, and other creatures. But as they went down deeper life started to vanish. Below 90 meters there was no life because of a blanket of dangerous H2S gas spread throughout the hole. Below this, there were only shells of crabs and conchs which literally suffocated to die due to lack of oxygen after they fell under the layer of the dangerous gas. Then below 120 meters, there were stalactites which are generally made due to the pouring water from some ceiling, depicting the existence of a dry cave at that place before the ice age.



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