Moving on from the toxic friend who deceived me and my audience.

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This announcement video was long coming since the week I released my statement, but I needed some time to gather my thoughts and come up with a way to formally address the situation, but also from how this emotionally affected me.

To be perfectly honest, I wanted the draft to this video to be about the history of my time with Tipplet. How/when we first met and all the red-flags I tried to forgive throughout 2020 as I struggled month after month to forgive her. At the end of it though, regardless of how I address everything in the later future, right now all I'm aiming for is to move forward and actually recover from this mess.

I will say this though: despite how desperately I tried to take her apology in, the red-flags were loudly important. If you're too scared to associate your own face with the things you say then maybe don't say them at all. From catching her alluding back to her racism (carefully sprinkled as "jokes"), liking tweets against the BLM movement (carefully explained as misunderstandings) and the many attempts to escape facing accountability. (Carefully covered with outside sources that got in the way)

She genuinely wanted me to approach her every time I felt uncomfortable by the things she did/said. I'm being made a hostage of this and even still, after releasing my statement she would finally try to spin this incident like she's the victim over the racism, itself. It's draining, invalidating and I'm ready to move on.

Personally, all I ever wanted was accountability for the things she said, not for her to brush it off to the side - to actually stand against her own racism towards black people - but whatever happens now, it's out of my hands. She is an adult (even when I wanted to face call/1 on 1 with her) and needs to take responsibility. I want nothing to do with this situation anymore. Not just her, but also anyone else involved in this. I want no part of it.

As terrible as how our public friendship ended, I want to leave this on a positive note. This channel deserves to be a space filled with positivity, realness and fun. Since releasing this statement I have received nothing but love, support, even emails from former friends' of hers who had their own experience and commended me for speaking up. Time after time you all had my back and I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much. I promise you bigger things await us this year. Just you wait.

(Finally, please don't harass anyone mentioned in this video.)



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