MiP Arcade: The All-New Self-Balancing Gaming Robot

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Introducing MiP Arcade: the evolution of WowWee's award-winning robot that brings the game room to your home!
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MiP Arcade delivers endless fun and games with screenless play plus a suite of 20+ app-enabled games and RC modes! With brain train games, test your mind, memory and reflexes. Includes games like: Reaction Game, Padlock, Color Match and Shake Shake! With multi-player games, challenge friends and family to see who can beat the high 's one MiP to entertain them all! Packed with personality, MiP Arcade is a robot buddy you can bond with. Get to know your MiP and discover all the quirky responses, funny expressions and cool dance moves. Your new self-balancing sidekick is filled with top-tier tech to keep you playing non-stop, including 80+ eye emotions and expressions, Bluetooth and GestureSense™ technology. MiP Arcade comes fully loaded with 1 tray attachment, 1 hoop attachment and 3 MiP Arcade basketballs. Compatible with the new MiP Arcade App, available for iOS and Android. This toy robot is perfect for ages 6 and older.
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