Milano 821 is Definitely Meta! - How to Make the Best Milano Class Setup | Cold War Best Class

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Milano 821 is Definitely Meta!! - Best Milano 821 Class Setup | Cold War Milano 821 Best Classs

Today I breakdown the Milano 821 after the buff it received in the update and show the best attachments you should be using on it and why it is a meta smg. We will talk everything from best barrel for fastest hit detection, ttk comparison vs all smg's, combo attachments for best recoil control, and recommended class setups you should be using.

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Hi, I go by Turboman!! I've been on YouTube since 2013 and have played Call of Duty since 2009. I used to be that guy at the bottom of the scoreboard until I stopped trying to rush for kills and realized utilizing strategy, increasing map awareness, and applying tactics were far more superior to being better than most skilled gunfighters! My first year of college I had too much time on my hands and one day decided to record myself playing MW2 with my phone and put a commentary on what I did to get better. I didn't take YouTube seriously until after my first year I gained 5,000 subscribers and saw the potential. From there it went from something I did while having free time in college to the rewarding feeling of knowing my subscribers improved using my philosophies. I LOVE helping people. With each COD that came out I provided unique & useful tips, tactics, optimized class setups. Eventually I became sponsored with KontrolFreek and GFUEL. I decided to go full time in Spring of 2020. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I'm appreciative of all the support my subscribers have shown me through the years! Welcome to Turbo Nation!

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Testing Bullet Velocity
2:06 Milano Buff Recap/Why it is Meta Good
3:02 Best Barrel for Fastest Hit Detection
5:04 Best Attachment Combo for Low Recoil
6:15 Milano vs All SMG's (TTK Comparison)
8:29 Recommended Setup
11:17 Milano Live Gameplay

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