Lil Poppa - Play It Safe (Official Audio)

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Been tryna stay away true story I been cutting off niggas everyday
Can’t trust a soul I’m paranoid I gotta play it safe
Twin on probation can’t leave the city that’s another case
But I ain’t worried if I need em he coming right away
Somebody past me a lighter I’m just tryna see a brighter day
Lil one say he need another pair he had to burn up his Michael J’s
Give me a mic & let me rock the stage
I’m just tryna change my nigga life he been on the block for days

All I know is get paid aye nah fr I ain’t been to sleep in 6 days
What you been doing tryna run that money 6 ways
Heard they been sliding through the 6 with bout 6 K’s
First nigga walk up out that bitch gone get his shit blazed

[Verse 1]
Could’ve fucked one of the opps baby mama but the bitch played
And I done been a lot of shit but I ain’t never been bitch made
Nieces & nephews growing so I hustle make sure them kids straight
If they kill me let it be a cold case cause I know my niggas gone retaliate
Heart made of gold but always seem to get fucked over
Dried up tears on my shoulders from a head I was holding
It get colder at night but I was running wild with them vultures
Don’t say you ain’t mean it when you did when you posted it

[Verse 2]
Exactly fuck whoever after me
Don’t run I ain’t no athlete
Tryna send a nigga where the pastor be
My brother had the torch I learned the game then he passed it to me
I don’t give a fuck how good your music sound I ain’t rapping for free
They like Poppa what you taxing I don’t know but I’m taxing for features
All that acting but them scenes ain’t make the movie them bitches deleted
You know all my bitches conceited and my weed the greenest
Straight drop who clean the cleanest
Ace Boogie I might leave the cleaners
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