Levosulpride tablet | Lesuride tablet used for | nexipride tablet | Levosulpride tablet 25 mg uses

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Levosulpride is having neuroleptic and prokinetic properties. Levosulpride is manufacture in levosulpride tablet and levosulpride injection form.
Levosulpride tablet strength
1. Levosulpride 25 mg tablet
2. Levosulpride 50 mg tablet
3. Levosulpride 75 mg tablet
4. Levosulpride 100 mg tablet
5. Levosulpride 150 mg tablet
Levosulpride tablet brand name are
1. Lesuride tablet | lesuride 25 mg tablet | lesuride od 75 mg
2. Nexipride tablet | nexipride 25 | nexipride 50
3. Neopride tablet
4. Levazeo tablet with many other
There is a great confusion of l Levosulpride tablet uses | Levosulpride dose and many more. In this video your all doubt will be clear we learn about Levosulpride tablet complete information including
1. Levosulpride brand name
2. Levosulpride tablet strength
3. Levosulpride 25 mg uses | lesuride tablet used for
4. Levosulpride tablet side effects
5. Levosulpride tablet contraindications
6. Levosulpride dose and many more in hindi/urdu.
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