Law of Attraction Sleep Technique | POWER of 5 Minutes Before You Fall Asleep Manifesting Easily

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Use this law of attraction sleep technique 5 minutes before you fall asleep to manifest your dreams and desires with more ease.

Before falling asleep,
close your eyes and bring your awareness to every part of the body to get into a meditative state and then visualize the bed turns into a chair within the vision of your dreams coming true, you are sitting on the chair as your dreams are coming true, and you feel great and then thank the universe for giving you such abundant blessings, make sure to feel good!

Hi my name is Kartika, I am a self help teacher, specializing in helping people with manifestation, using the law of attraction to bring abundance into their lives. I also teach people self improvement, how to be happy, how to be positive and how to raise your vibration through spirituality, mindfulness and reprogramming the subconscious mind. I teach law of attraction techniques, law of attraction secrets through life coaching on YouTube.
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