Law of Attraction in Action: Episode X (Preview)

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"Let Loose!"

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-Fate, predestiny, and fortune-telling:  "Abraham, how would you explain someone being able to tell my future in advance, before things ever happen?"

-Hitting a "belief wall": Why can't he just let go, believe, and enjoy it all?

-Swirling energy, soaring joy, and blissing-out: He's like a meditation junkie—it feels so good. Abraham talks about feeling that same energy while being fully engaged in life.

-Can a gentle teacher teach tough kids?  Kicked out of every other school—are they unteachable? Are they even reachable? Abraham has a talk with the teacher.

-Looking for a breakthrough:   Abraham suggests softer, less-challenging, what-you-can-already-believe steps.

-Lawsuits:  What they represent and why they are always upstream. Abraham states their case.

-Why should the Hickses get paid for working? "I have difficulty with the amount of money you're charging for the workshops and tapes. Why doesn't the copyright just say 'copy this freely and give to a friend in need'?"

-Will he ever see his four-legged friend again? Feeling guilty about the preventable death of his dog. Abraham unleashes his worry.

-Do we choose our life situation before we arrive? "Yes!" says Abraham. "It's all part of the expansion process."

-Workplace freedom and control: A business owner seeks advice on employee rule-setting.

-Should she toss out pre-Abraham marketing expertise? How do "attraction" and "allowing" fit with traditional marketing techniques?

-Is "giving up" downstream or upstream? "You're not giving up on your desires; you're just giving up the struggle."

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