Law of Attraction in Action: Episode VII (Preview)

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"THE SECRET IS: You are Source Energy in a physical body."

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-"You are supposed to get everything you want."He's lost his fear of death, but now the idea of being eternal is a little unsettling!

-Long-term, committed relationships: "From our point of view," says Abraham, "there's only one relationship to attend to -- and that's the one between you and you. The rest will take care of itself."

-Is it possible for human beings to fly? "We can't say that all things are possible and then say -- except that."

-Sex -- just for the fun of it: Is it possible? Without anyone getting hurt?

-Indigo Children: "They are not unique in that they have access to MORE energy, it is that they have less resistance to the energy that you ALL have access to."

-Weight loss: What to do when it's hard not to notice what-is because it's staring at you from the mirror.

-Judgment and punishment: What's with these disconnected people? When murderers finally die, do they feel any regret over what they have done?

-A lifetime of anger: "If you are feeling powerlessness, then anger is the next logical step -- isn't it?"

-Zest for life! An Abraham-inspired routine to help you spend your days in fresh, positive energy.

-Sweet dreams aren't made of this: "An unsettling dream is an indication of discord in your vibration." Dream analysis Abraham-style.

-PLUS: The deliciously-detailed story of how Jerry & Esther came to know Abraham.
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