Law of Attraction in Action: Episode IX (Preview)

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"Telling a New Story!"

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-Individual identity vs. group consciousness:  Discussing the benefits of both.

-Do things have an intrinsic meaning? "Meaning," Abraham says, "is in the eye of the beholder."

-It's my kids, Abraham! Four kids. Four separate issues. Abraham addresses them all.

-Could teen's pleasures pay off?  Surfing, playing guitar, having philosophical How can he make money and do the things he loves?

-Spending money, guilt-free:   "Where did you get the idea that participating in the economic system is somehow wrong?" Abraham takes a look at shortage consciousness.

-Martin Luther King:   Oh, he had a dream, alright! The empowered version of his life story through the eyes of Source.

-What is an energy vortex? Abraham defines and demonstrates.

-The language of vibration: A discussion of healing sounds and ancient languages.

-Changing careers: A medical doctor wants to do something different. Career counseling -- Abraham-style.

-Gloom & doom forecasts: "Freedom from negative emotion does not mean depriving yourself of exposure to experience. It means tuning yourself to the best of every experience."

-Tell a new story: A patented, full-throttle Abraham rampage that will leave you sparkling!

-Is it possible to change an inherited trait? "We want to take this to a new level of understanding," Abraham begins.

-A sex warm-up: How to prepare for a "delicious physical intertwining".

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