Law of Attraction in Action: Episode II (Preview)

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"You are living powerful lives!"

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-Dark Forces: " I study with amazing healers who tell me to say prayers of protection and to surround myself with White Light. And I think, Why should I do that?" Do we need to be wary of "the dark side"?

-To be aware of our "awareness": ". . . Something very important coming here," Abraham pauses to say. "Your question has taken us into a new place. So give us a moment to give it to Esther and she will give it to you in a reasonable manner." . . . Abraham goes deep.

-Non-Physical vs. Physical reality: What life is like from Abraham's Non-Physical point-of-view.

-Childhood brainwashing, family reunions & running away to the circus! How does one recover from a childhood of suppressed intuition & emotion? "This is a big one friends. This is at the heart of every human relationship." Abraham talks about "control" and what's behind a desire to "change our life and try something new."

-What about people creating stuff we don't want? If everybody gets to create their own reality, what about people creating things the rest of us don't want in our lives?

-Leaving Corporate America: Abraham's take on what many people are feeling — the desire to leave their 'Corporate' jobs and find fulfillment elsewhere.

-Plus — The Court Jesther!!
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