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Watch this Superhit Tamil Action Movie "KUTTY" Starring: P. Shwetha, Ramesh Aravind, Kausalya Nasser, Eashwari Rao.


The film revolves around a young girl who is forced into child labour working for a urban family after a tragedy in her own family. Paavaadai (Nassar) is a potter living in a village in the outskirts of (Madurai). Even though his profession is in a miserable condition, he has high hopes for his daughter Kannammaa (Baby Swetha) and raises her with much affection. Unfortunately, he dies in an accident and this forces Kannammaa to be sent to work for an urban family. The girl is quite happy about this, thinking about the prospects of good food and clothes. The family's working couple (Ramesh Aravind & Kousalya) too treat her with kindness. However, the arrival of the mother - in - law (M. N. Rajam) changes everything. Kutty doesn't get enough food to eat and is ill - treated by the old woman & her grandson. Day-by-day things get worsen. Once, Kutty's relatives come to see how she is doing. The grandmother behaves kindly to Kutty and makes them believe that she is completely happy there. Kutty too fails to communicate with them about her misery. Kutty watches the teenage girl who works in the opposite apartment being molested. And in a few days, she comes to know that the girl committed suicide. Even though supported by the couple (which infuriates the old-woman), Kutty becomes desperate and decides to send a letter to her mother asking her to take her away back to the village. She tries to seek the help of a store owner (Vivek), who is very kind to her. However, matters do not improve when Kutty reveals that she doesn't know the name of her village but she just knows the directions. One night, she decides to run away but she runs right into a man, who has a shop set up right next to Vivek's. He promises to help her and boards her onto a train. The man is then seen speaking to another man and bargaining for more money. The man says to Kutty that the other man will take good care of her and will reach her to her mother. But, the train is actually leaving not for her village, but to Mumbai, indicating that perhaps Kutty will be sold off into a brothel. The film ends with showing Kutty's anticipated face on the prospect of going back to her mother.

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Movie Title: KUTTY
Genre: Romantic-Cop Story-Entertainer
Starcast: P. Shwetha, Ramesh Aravind, Kausalya Nasser.
Director: JanakiViswanathan
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Year: 2001
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