Karen Song for COVID- 19 Relief (Just For A Tiny Bit)

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This song is composed by Eh Ler Tha. The purpose of this song is to encourage people to share small things to the victims of COVID-19 especially for Burma(Myanmar).Music is arranged by musicians who takes parts are Boy, Christone Ler Taw, Thay Moo Htoo, Tha Khu, Eh singers are Eh Wah, Eh Ler Tha, Linda, Khu Ser, Lah Htaw Wah, Kaung Kaung, Shee Htoo,Kapaw Shee, Eh Tah Khu,Eh Gay,Htoo Khu Wah,Htee Paw Saw,Lweh Moo, Tha Dah Tay, Eh Khu is edited by Khu are Steve Dun and Maggie song is produced by Voice of Karen Chiang Mai.
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