Jailbreak KING of SPEED: Is SPY AGENT the New FASTEST Car? Worth it? (Roblox Jailbreak)

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The Spy Agent costs $600K and will it also be the next FASTEST car in Roblox Jailbreak? I will race it against the Roadster in this video. ???? Leave a LIKE and COMMENT ????

Jailbreak May Update comes with a brand new Spy Agent car that comes with missile. The price tag is $600,000 and so it ranks up to the best supercar in Jailbreak. The high price comes with high expectation, the SPEED! Can this spy agent car claim the top speed in the game? Or will it fall in the rank? Is it worth to buy this limited car? You will find all the answer in this video.

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►Outro Music: Chimez - Dan Henig
►Intro Music: Thunderstorm - Hanu Dixit


Jailbreak May 2021 update is here!
????️‍♀️ Jailbreak The Spy Agent Speed Test vs 600K Cars
????️‍♀️ THE AGENT! A spy car that shoots rockets! Limited time to buy!
????‍♀️ INTERROGATOR! Affordable Police SUV!
???? PIT MANEUVERS! Watch out criminals!
⚽️ New Soccer Ball reward: Bonded Wheels!
???? 5B Visits Garage Spoiler!

Next update: An all new robbery!!
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