If I were Unordinary | Gacha Club Voice Acted Series | Royale Fairy Academy EP1

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Royale Fairy Academy EP1 Gacha Club Series combines the idea of fairies with social hierarchy/class. The RFA is where princes and princesses go to complete their learning, master their magic, and prepare to rule. Rosa, a young commoner fairy, miraculously ends up at this academy. The rest of the story goes as she embarks on her new life as a student in Royale Fairy Academy.

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Duckii - Rosabella

Anthony or Diz - Prince Adrian

Platy - Prince Eric

Magic - Princess Pink

samgrace - Queen Dahlia/Courtlady/Rosabella's Mom

Bubbles - Maya

Wiz - Errands Man/Guard/Male students


Would you stay Mindme Le June
I can't get you out of my mind - Loving Caliber
I need you more Hallman Le June
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