I2K2020: Designing GPU-accelerated Image Data Flow Graphs for CLIJ2 and clEsperanto

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... and deployment to ImaeJ, Fiji, Icy, Matlab, QuPath, Python, napari and C++
Workshow at the "From images to knowledge (I2K)" conference 2020 virtually at HHMI Janelia.

Part I
0:00:00 Introduction
0:06:04 GPU-accelerated image processing
0:19:00 Optimal performance through smart memory management
0:34:49 Scripting CLIJ2
0:50:21 Icy JavaScript recording
0:54:5 ImageJ / Fiji scripting

Part II
1:12:30 Interactive design Image Data Flow Graphs
1:29:59 Code export
1:36:58 napari
1:44:46 Icy Protocols with clIcy
1:49:48 Fiji-plugin generator
1:54:15 CLIc : The bridge to C++
2:04:26 Troubleshooting
2:21:38 Summary
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