I Got Kicked out of My Best Friend's Wedding

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My name is Ally, I'm 27 and what you are going to listen is a real story. Please if your girlfriend or boyfriend is one of those guys who doesn't allow you to go out with your friends, always checks your phone or does anything else like that cause he or she’s a very jealous person, just leave. Please, do yourself a favor.
A while ago I received an invitation to my best friend's wedding. I was very excited, I hadn't seen him in years. I marked the date on the calendar and notified my work early enough to avoid any trouble.
I wanted to go so bad, Dave and I grew up together. He was my neighbor and we went to the same school. Our parents were really good friends and I see him as a brother, but nothing more than that. The thought of him and I kissing makes me sick, not because he’s ugly. He’s a nice looking guy. I just really see him as family.
I used to help Dave with dates. I once told him how to talk to girls and where he should take them out for a nice romantic date, See? Something that a sister would do. On the other hand, he always tried to protect me from dumb boys.
Dave and I were the only children in our families, so, we supported each other from a very young age. We even spent Christmas together on Disneyland. You know parents always joke saying who you are going to marry? Well, mine never did it with Dave. They see him as a son.
I moved to Boston after graduating school cause I got a scholarship at Stanford University to study Business and we kept in touch for a while through Facebook and Instagram. That's how I knew he had a girlfriend. Her name is Vanessa, I don't really know her, though shee looks like a nice, fun girl. He always posts pictures with her, to many to be honest. He must be very in love with her.
We eventually lost touch, that's part of growing up, you start growing apart too. We still knew that we could count on each other. That's a real friendship. After I got the invitation, I texted him that we were going to spend the days before the wedding catching up. He agreed. It was going to be amazing, I was going to see my brother again! And nothing was better than that.
Vanessa and Dave picked me up at the airport. I hugged him so hard when I saw him. I sensed a really weird look from Vanessa, but I didn't care, I was very excited to see him. Though I can understand her, I mean, If a girl I never met before hugs my fiancé like that I would be mad.
We spent all the road home remembering all our old school stories, it was awesome, we even remembered Disneyland! I can tell Vanessa wasn't enjoying it at all at first. Then it seemed as she picked some interest in the stories. She became nicer, I thought that we could be good friends. Until the wedding happened.
Vanessa´s family rented a really nice house for her big day. They decorated everything like a medieval castle. There was an ice sculpture of the couple and flowers in every table placed in a way that made their names, How much could something like that cost?
There was security for the wedding, I thought it was stupid. Who's going to break in on a wedding? Vanessa isn´t the daughter of a mob boss. Or is she? I don’t know. Anyway, to get in you had to show your invitation to a bouncer and then he looked your name on a list. He told me that my name was on a special list, I thought that it was something good, you know, like something for really special friends or family members, then said that I was on the “Don´t let them in” list.
I was shocked. I called Dave and his family to let me nobody picked up. They were in the middle of the party. A guard asked me to leave the place ‘cause they had special orders to not let any intruders near the area. I WAS NO INTRUDER FOR GOD'S SAKE! I had to leave cause I didn't want any trouble.
Dave called me the next because he never saw me at the party. I explained everything to him and he had absolutely no idea. I believed him. He promised me that he would find what happened. He called again after a couple of hours, angry and agitated. Vanessa did it! WTF??
Apparently, she didn't believe that we never dated or hooked up or anything. For her, it was weird that a man and a woman were friends like Dave and I were. She sees me as her husband´s ex and she couldn´t let any ex of him ruin her perfect day. Freaking / fucking crazy chick.
She prohibited Dave from even talking to me. “I understand”; was the last thing I told OF COURSE I DON’T.
They've been together for a year now and to be honest, I really hope they divorce. Dave deserves better. This is an awful thought, though thank God statistics support me on this one.
Please guys, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend like Vanessa leave them, now! Don't wait or say “He'll change for me”. Spoiler alert, they won´t. Leave them, really, it's unhealthy for you and everyone else around. You'll thank me later.
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