I CUT A HUGE HOLE in My BOAT!!! Trolling Motor Installation 17' Key West

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I have been wanting to add a trolling motor to this boat for years! Watch us finally get it done in this video! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and hit the LIKE button! Check out the timestamps below to look for specific parts of the process! Enjoy! xoxo

0:00 Intro
1:22 Unboxing
3:39 Adding the prop
6:06 Adding quick release mount
8:15 Getting the TM on the boat
9:08 Placement discussion
10:02 Drilling holes in anchor locker
11:38 Wiring the CC
12:54 Drilling quick release puck to bow
15:53 Adding TM to the bracket
16:32 Wiring at the bow
17:27 Connecting the battery
18:02 Testing the TM
19:11 Finish and Outtro
20:43 BONUS Material!

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