I Am The Sexiest Person Alive (2021)

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I am an alpha
Being an alpha comes natural to me
I am a sex magnet
I am feeling sexually and emotionally alive
I am unstoppable
I am sexy.
I turn heads, wherever I go.
Everyone notices me when I walk into a room.
Everyone wants me.
I can have anyone I want.
I get asked out all the time.
I get asked out wherever I go.
Everyone wants to date me.
Everyone wants to be with me.
Everyone wants to have sex with me.
All people gravitate towards me.
My face is stunning.
My body is stunning.
I have stunning looks of the Gods.
I have an attractive body of the Gods.
I am the sexiest person in the world.
I am drop dead gorgeous
I have stunning looks
My eyes are mesmerizing
My looks are mesmerizing
I am irresistible
I am extremely attractive
I have incredible magnetism
I am lusted after
I am the sexiest person alive
My body is a work of art
I make millions of dollars a year
I am world famous
World class designers crave my body
I radiate attraction
I radiate desire
I radiate magnetic power
I radiate irresistible sexual energy
I radiate irresistible emotional attraction
I radiate irresistible sexual attraction
People fall in love with me
I’m the one everyone notices in a crowded room
Others admire my highly charged energy
Others are drawn to me
No one can resist me

Welcome to Mindful Sounds,


This channel started out with rest and relaxation music and sounds to help you relieve stress and anxiety to relax so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

We then added subliminal affirmations to help you in other areas in your life as we found that by relaxing before listening to subliminal affirmations help in achieving desired results quicker.

I have visited many channels that are working with subliminal affirmations and found that they are not subliminals.

• Subliminals are below the level of conscious awareness, these are messages that are buried under a song or music, you’re not supposed hear it, you might if you listened hard enough, but these messages are meant for the subconscious mind, the subconscious listens without predetermined judgments, it simply listens.
• supraliminal are above the level of conscious awareness, you can hear and see the affirmations, these are messages you would listen to or even say them out loud, before giving a presentation for example, to give yourself a boost of confidence.

We are now doing some affirmations mixing subliminal and supraliminal together, well, actually running two tracks, one for the conscious and the other for the subconscious, simultaneously, giving you better and faster results.

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