How to save an image with a transparent background from Photoshop basic tutorial PNG file

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Photoshop, how to save an image with a transparent background. This is a simple tutorial showing you where the option is in Photoshop to save your image as a PNG file format. The same technique can be used in most digital art / painting programs. Don't forget you must have your background layer switched off for it to work.
To summarise this video, you need to remove the background and save your image as a PNG :)

Why would you want to save your image without a background? Some good examples are things such as logo design, where you would not want a white square background around it ( see the JPEG example at the end of the video ) or if you want to save an image that is not a square / rectangle format ( such as die cut stickers / shaped images).
Basically anything you want to stick over the top of something else! :)

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