How to Never Play Slow Again in Rocket League

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How to never play slow again and how to speed up in Rocket League. These tips are essential for helping you rank up and speeding up your play. Playing faster is actually not that difficult, but there are also ways to play smarter while playing fast too. This guide will show you how playing fast will make 4 categories of your game better. These categories are: Awareness, Boost Management, Defense and Trickery/Fakes. High speed play is obviously something you want to do in Rocket League but without knowing how to do it or what ways you can play fast, you might start whiffing the ball or making mistakes. This video is aimed to assist you in your goals of ranking up and I hope you can find some value in it and pull some tips out for your own gameplay. I made this video because I was in a slump, and this mindset and focus was all I needed to get out that rut and to start playing like I know I can. I haven't made a tutorial for a little while so I hope I'm not too rusty, and although this is aimed more for the advanced player, I think any rank should be able to implement these tips into your gameplay.


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