How To Cut PERFECTLY CIRCULAR HOLES! (Hole Saw Bit/Circle Bit--Cut Circles in Wood, Drywall, PVC!)

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How To Cut PERFECTLY CIRCULAR HOLES! (Hole Saw Bit/Circle Bit--Cut Circles in Wood, Drywall, PVC!)

Most new DIYers think you need to use a jigsaw to cut a circle in a piece of wood. Really, all you need is a drill and the right bit. In this video, The Honest Carpenter shows you how to use hole saw bits to cut perfectly circular holes in wood, drywall and PVC!

Hole saw bits are deep-throated circular drill bits with a serrated saw edge. When chucked into a drill and pressed against a surface, these hole saw bits will cut their way through material by simply spinning under pressure.

Hole saw bits are often also known as "circle bits."

Hole saws consist of a saw cup, a mandrel, and a drill bit or pilot bit. The three pieces will mate together.

Hole saws come in a variety of sizes, and often come in kits ranging from 3/4" diameter bits, to 2-1/2" bits. Electricians will often even use 5" and 6" hole saws to cut out holes for recessed lights / can lights.

Hole saws are aggressive. Be sure to hold the drill with both hands when using hole saw bits, and hold the drill perfectly upright or perpendicular to the surface your cutting.

Start drilling with light pressure. But use a high speed when drilling wood.

Also, be sure to back the hole saw out frequently to clear saw dust from the saw tooth gullets WHEN THE TOOL IS NOT SPINNING. This will help the hole saw bit cut better.

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