How Porsche Quit Drinking and Lost 55lbs on a Carnivore Diet

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Porsche celebrates her 6th month carni-versary with us today in this interview and talks openly about her battle with alcohol. After 15 years of alcoholism, 216 days alcohol-free is an incredible accomplishment. Watch this inspiring interview and learn more about how Porsche used the carnivore diet to support her as she went alcohol free.

0:00 Intro
1:31 The beginning of Porsche's story
3:00 Keto & Alcoholism
8:03 Urgent care
14:00 Inpatient alcohol detox at home
18:15 Fasting, detox plus carnivore diet
22:00 Drinking history
26:00 Chocolate and wine carnivore
33:45 Carnivore journey
36:30 Carnivore benefits
42:05 Family support
45:30 Moving across country
50:18 How Carnivore has changed Porsche
52:28 Next goal to conquer
59:25 Alcohol cravings on carnivore
1:08:30 Advice for someone thinking about quitting drinking
1:17:00 Plateau with alcohol

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