Helltaker 8-bit SayMaxWell - VITALITY - Mind.In.A.Box [Mashup]

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Wow, almost 2 million views! I originally made this just to share with a friend or two. It's like stepping on a land mine, really unexpected. I'm glad lots of people enjoyed the song.

Extended Version
As a thank you for reaching the 1 million views milestone I posted the extended mix on Soundcloud. It's longer and slaps harder!

Credit goes to Vanripper for sharing Helltaker with the world.
If you love Helltaker support the creator buy buying the artbook: Helltaker: Artbook + Pancake Recipe


mixed with
original songs
SayMaxWell - Helltaker - VITALITY [Remix]

- 8 Bits


I made an Imgur Album with the art and filling in the artists in the tags as I find them. I didn't have sources on hand as I was just dumping my fan folder into the video.

If you are one of the artists and I haven't found the source for yet let me know which piece is yours and I'll update it.
If you are an artist featured in the video and would like your work removed, I will gladly do so by request.

This is a fan video and not monetized.
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