Halloween Isn't Cancelled! DIY Prop for Trick-or-Treating during COVID

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Jaimie and Jay make a simple DIY Halloween prop for social-distanced trick or treating!


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Intro - 0:00
Parts - 0:30
Cutting the PVC Pipe - 0:47
Assembling the Stands - 2:50
Decorating the Candy Slide - 7:10

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In the time of COVID-19, everyone is worried how much Halloween will be affected. A lot of towns and even some states are recommending people don't go trick or treating or at best, stay socially distanced from other people when they do. That's why we came up with a simple DIY Halloween prop that'll help let you enjoy the night from a safe 6 feet away.

This "candy slide" is a simple DIY Halloween prop that only uses some basic PVC pipes. One person stands at one end of the prop and slides candy down to trick or treaters waiting at the bottom end. It's a simple Halloween prop but it's also a blank canvas that can be decorated however you like!

Building DIY Halloween Props is our favorite thing to do all year so we weren't going to let a pandemic slow us down but we're also not ignoring that there's a need right now to slow the spread of the virus. Between Halloween masks and adequate social distancing, we hope this helps you stay safe this Halloween!

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3” dia PVC pipe (7’)
1“ dia PVC pipe (18’)
1” 90 degree elbow (8x)
1” tee (14x)
1” 3-way elbow (4x)
Hot Glue

Black Spray Paint -
Cheese Cloth (Grade 10) -
Black Acrylic Paint -
Plastic Skeleton -
Plastic Skull

Hot Glue Gun -
Hacksaw -
Scissors -
Bandsaw (NOT REQUIRED) -

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